Preparing sustainability leaders and their companies for the new risks and realities of the new economy.

Sustainability Roundtables provide a local forum for global companies to participate in facilitated conversations on important strategic business issues in sustainability and corporate social responsibility (CSR). Member leaders engage the full spectrum of sustainability and CSR topics, frequently moving the conversation beyond energy and environmental sustainability to address the issues of the new economy:

  • new realities of resource scarcity,
  • opportunities in product development,
  • rise of the circular economy,
  • supply chain sustainability,
  • employee engagement,
  • transparency and communications.
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Thoughts from attendees:



Zero-waste to landfill discussions sparked internal discussions.  It prompted to ask:  What is the gap? What would it take to become zero waste next year? and take action.
Member*- Milwaukee Sustainability Roundtable
Troy Pfaff

The Milwaukee Sustainability Roundtable fills a void in the upper Midwest in terms of sustainability learning and stretching.
Troy Pfaff- Rockwell Automation

The session helped me understand how to add specific benefit to internal networks by adding a sustainability lens to their discussions and speaking the language of business (finance).
Guest*- Milwaukee Sustainability Roundtable
Amanda Goetsch

The discussion on Talent Sustainability and HR brought sustainability to a whole new level.
Amanda Goetsch- Inpro Corporation, Sustainability Manager
Guest CFO*

We, (Sustainability) leaders, should be mining our departments for opportunities to add the sustainability lens in choosing the right business equipment to purchase and what will be its impact.
Guest CFO*- Milwaukee Sustainability Roundtable
Amanda Goetsch

Regarding the preparation packets sent out prior to each meeting – Love all the readings.  I’ve put them all in a binder and our office uses it as an ongoing resource.
Amanda Goetsch- Inpro Corporation, Sustainability Manager

(The software that was shared as a resource by one of our members) could eliminate the need for various spreadsheets and free up my time to pursue projects vs. chase data. Value to me and my organization? approximately 200 hrs or $10,000.
Guest- Milwaukee Sustainability Roundtable
Mike Sekula, VP Supply Chain Management - Inpro Corporation

I was very intrigued by the discussions and the level of speakers they had at the first Sustainability Round Table I attended. I never saw a green roof before and from what I learned from Rockwell Automation I thought there is definitely an ROI, there just needs to be more research when presenting the project. I would definitely like to attend another meeting.
Mike Sekula, VP Supply Chain Management - Inpro Corporation- Milwaukee Sustainability Roundtable

Side discussion on supplier engagement provided some opportunities and ideas to expand our efforts.
Member- Milwaukee Sustainability Roundtable
CEO guest that became a Member after the session

As this was my first session, I came with an open mind and was pleased with the speaker, attendees and open forum for the sharing of ideas and best practices. I’ve already reviewed this with our people and have asked them to actively engage with this group going forward.
CEO guest that became a Member after the session- Milwaukee Sustainability Roundtable

* Conversations at the roundtable are held in confidence unless explicitly authorized. All quotes are shared with permission. 









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