Product Design with Sustainability in Mind

2nd Quarter 2016 MSR Topic

Conversation Starters:

  • Mark Cors, Principal Design Researcher at Milwaukee Tool & Adjunct Faculty and Lecturer at MIAD
  • Chris Hoppe, Concept Lead & Principal Engineer Milwaukee Tool & Adjunct Professor at Marquette University and MIAD

DATE: Thursday, May 19th, 8 am-noon
LOCATION: Milwaukee Metro – details made available to members
Attendees: Bostik, GE, GE Healthcare, InPro, Quad Packaging, Rockwell Automation, Smithfield (formerly Patrick Cudahy), and WMEP.
MarcCorsMark Cor’s approach to design research is about simplifying the complex activities he see in the field into useful, digestible chunks of information. He strives to: state the obvious (making sure it is obvious); have empathy for all those around him; share discoveries through inspiring facilitation; get hands-on early in the process; and always remember that his job is to be the voice of our tradesmen throughout the Milwaukee Tool product development process.

Milwaukee Tool has a strong tradition of user-centered design. Mark is in the process of weaving a growing research team deeper into the innovative fabric of our company. They are encouraging the departments growth by refining the way in which we gather and share knowledge. The group is now facilitating an evolution of how our remarkable Industrial Design, Concept Engineering and Marketing teams work and collaborate together, inspire each other and bring out remarkable products that completely disrupt entire tool categories. Mark sees it as a serious challenge and really good fun.

ChrisHoppeChris Hoppe is a product development engineer with a passion for bringing meaningful and innovative products to market. As an engineer who enjoys the front-end of product design, he gets involved in consumer research, prototype development, consumer testing and ultimately carrying the product into development.
He considers himself the bridge between design and engineering. Bringing the engineering technical know-how to the creative front-end and user centered mindset to the final design. This allows him to develop functional and manufacturable solutions while keeping the user as the focal point of his designs.
Hoppe has lectured on DfM/ DfA/ DfE at Marquette and was on a design panel at SCJohnson.

Interested in attending or learning how your company can become involved in the Milwaukee Sustainability Roundtable?  Contact Matthew at 414-939-3594

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