Talent Sustainability – A Millennial View from Inside Out

4th Quarter 2016 MSR Topic

Conversation Starter: Ian Abston, Founder of  Newaukee
DATE: Thursday, December 15th, 7:30am-noon
LOCATION: Milwaukee Metro – details made available to members
Current Attendees: Bostik, BRP US, GE, GE Healthcare, InPro, Kohler, Quad Graphics, Quad Packaging, Rockwell Automation, Siemens, Smithfield (formerly Patrick Cudahy), UL Environment, and WMEP.

101-abston_square_bwIan Abston is an expert in Millennial talent attraction and retention. Abston founded NEWaukee, the largest Millennial group in the Midwest helping to connect and engage the next generation with today’s cities.

Ian has a contrarian view to common media myths about Millennials.  Through his presentation and our discussions we hope to explore and understand how millennials can help our businesses and leaders discover new business models and business opportunities in this new economy.  Check out his TEDx Talk on his website www.abstonian.com

As with most topics we explore with the roundtable, this complex issue of Millennials is strategic and ties to talent sustainability and is relevant to strategies across the company.  It impacts front-end user-experience and new product design to marketing and communications to human resource recruiting and retention to employee engagement and volunteering. So leaders from HR, Marketing, Design, and senior strategy leaders like the CEO/President would all get value from the conversation.

Interested in attending or learning how your company can become involved in the Milwaukee Sustainability Roundtable?  Contact Matthew at 414-939-3594

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