Preparing sustainability leaders and their companies for new risk, realities, and opportunities of the new economy.

Sustainability Roundtables provide a local forum for global companies to participate in facilitated conversations on important strategic business issues in sustainability and corporate social responsibility (CSR). Member leaders engage the full spectrum of sustainability and CSR topics, frequently moving the conversation beyond energy and environmental sustainability to address the issues of the new economy (for example: the new risks and new realities of resource scarcity, opportunities in product development, circular economy, sustainability reporting, supply chain sustainability, employee engagement, transparency, carbon disclosure, and perennially – internal & external communications.)

The purpose of the sustainability roundtables is to:

  • Confidentially engage, explore, and learn from each other and industry leaders/subject matter experts by sharing, experiences, challenges, resources, and opportunities related to global topics in sustainability/CSR.
  • Problem solve and create new value by bringing together strategic corporate thought leaders within a region.
  • Identify potential opportunities and challenges associated with resource scarcity, new economy, future regulations, and global reporting in order to plan strategically.
  • Strategize on key business opportunities and challenges associated with issues of risk mitigation, workforce development, climate change impact, and product innovation and development.
  • Foster regional collaboration through facilitated conversations sparked by engaging conversation starters.
  • Maximize sustainability impact and understanding through facilitated discussions with key business stakeholders (i.e. human resources, finance, supply chain) who are not typically part of the corporate sustainability team. Two seats included with each membership to facilitate this.

Regional Roundtable Makeup

The Sustainability Roundtable is a local forum for global companies to address global issues tied to sustainability and corporate social responsibility (CSR).  Sustainability Roundtables are made up of leaders of global corporations, typically headquartered in the region.

Membership is via subscription and is accepted on a rolling basis. Roundtable memberships are by company and includes TWO seats at the roundtable (open to an executive leader AND their company’s sustainability/CSR professionals).  Each member company is required to be actively pursuing sustainability and/or CSR in order to qualify for membership.

Each Roundtable consists of 6-12 member companies in non-competing industries (unless approved by existing members). The companies are grouped with related business size and scope companies. Pricing is based on corporate annual sales.