Membership in the regional Sustainability Roundtables are open to large** global companies who have their corporate headquarters or major presence or sister company located within the business region.

  • Membership is via annual subscription and is accepted on a rolling basis throughout the year.
  • Roundtable memberships are by company (open to an executive leader AND their company’s sustainability/CSR professionals) and includes two seats at the table.
  • Each member company is required to be actively pursuing sustainability and/or CSR in order to qualify for membership.
  • Each Roundtable consists of 7-12 member companies in non-competing industries (unless approved by existing members).
  • The companies are grouped with related business size and scope companies. Pricing is based on corporate annual sales.

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Interested in joining?

If you are interested having your company join a regional Sustainability Roundtable please contact Matthew Rochte, Executive Director of Sustainability Roundtables llc with the form below or call him at (414) 939-3594.

Matthew will be happy to send you more detailed information including pricing, answer your questions, and is always interested in finding ways that the roundtables can add value to your company and directly benefit your sustainability/CSR efforts.

**A large company here is defined as having annual revenues greater than $250Million. Our partner, WMEP, operates a roundtable for enterprises with revenue less than $250Million.