It’s the season of Earth Day—which means lots of you are thinking about how you might engage your employees in the company’s sustainability objectives. Imagine the impact if everyone walked the talk!

  • What’s your company doing for Earth Day?
  • How engaged are you employees in Sustainability or CSR?
  • What if You Could Inspire Employees to Make Cool Choices?

cool-choices-logoEverybody wants effective employee engagement—the kind that inspires innovation, yields real dollar savings and persists over time. On April 23 the Milwaukee Sustainability Roundtable hosted a virtual session featuring Cool Choices, a Wisconsin nonprofit that’s helping companies all over the country engage their employees on sustainability.  Kathy Kuntz and Raj Shukla of Cool Choices shared best practices for how you can accrue the benefits of effective employee engagement.

Check out this cool SPECIAL virtual roundtable with MSR and COOL CHOICES

Think of it as a 365 day head start for next year’s Earth Day.

FYI: Typically the members of the Milwaukee Sustainability Roundtable gather virtually for a private, short check-in meeting on months when they are not meeting in person.  At least twice a year we have special virtual sessions where we bring in experts on immediately relevant topics, often issues that arise at quarterly meetings to drill deeper. Sometimes we open these Special Sessions to other sustainability/CSR leaders in the region.

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