The Sustainability Roundtables provide a yearlong dialogue and collaboration with the best of the region’s sustainability/CSR leaders and experts designed to maximize your time/value involvement. As a bonus, being local means that you do not have to get on a plane nor incur excessive travel expense. Perhaps most importantly, your involvement in the roundtable will only benefit your sustainability and CSR reputation and brand.

Check out the four key ROI and value propositions below.

  • Any one of them could easily pay for the membership fee.
  • We estimate a minimum ROI of a 10:1

ROI/Value Proposition:

Core value – comes from 1-to-1 in-person interaction with other sustainability/CSR leaders to learn from their successes and mistakes.  What is that worth?

Examples from recent Sustainability Roundtable sessions.

(1) A solution to a waste challenge could eliminate a $60k/year disposal cost and potentially yield a $30k income with a net profit of $90k.

(2) What is the value of six months of diligent and applied LED research that a fellow member has already done, worth? ($40k,$60k,$100k?).

(3) A $5000 software solution offered by a member would reduce an estimated $80k in labor in manual collection and manipulation.

The number of ideas you implement will only magnify this return.

Ask yourself:

  • What is the solution to your toughest sustainability challenge worth to your company?
  • What kind and how many new opportunities could emerge from a focused discussion of your choosing?
  • What solutions might we come up with through brainstorming with peers from outside our industry?
  • What new solutions can emerge from major companies collaborating with each other?  What can we do together, that we can’t do alone? – By-product synergy network? Regional lobbying? Bulk pricing?
  • It is estimated, that any one of the dozens of resources and ideas shared at these sessions can yield at least a 10:1 ROI on membership costs, if implemented at a company.

Secondary value – Learn from subject matter experts of your choosing. We will bring in speakers and experts from around the country/world that matter to you and that will have the most impact on your business.  Who would you like to have a private two-hour group conversation with? Viewed another way – who would you like to collectively influence – an NGO, a utility company, a policy group?  What would either opportunity be worth to you?

Tertiary valueA Resource Repository.  

  • As a member you will have access not only to an online repository of best practices shared among members, but also access to the leaders who have implemented them in their business. What is the value of a library of vetted best practices and a local contact that has done it already?
  • You will also have access to the regional sustainability contact database. Of the over 85 sustainability/ CSR leaders in the region, how many do you know? How many outside your industry?  What solutions have they already come up with that you could implement at your company? Local means you could meet someone for lunch.

Community value – Through collaboration on waste and other industry and regional challenges we create the opportunities for job growth and new business development in the region.  As a result, we further strengthen the region’s economic and social sustainability.