Membership in a Regional Sustainability Roundtable includes:


  • Membership is Company based and accepted on a rolling basis throughout the year.
  • Roundtables consist of 6-12 non-competing companies. As we grow we will split the group.
  • Membership includes TWO seats at the table plus an occasional guest. Members are encouraged to bring guests from within their company to maximize company sustainability exposure and to further foster employee professional development.


  • A Local Forum for Global Companies: Regularly interact, engage, problem solve, collaborate and benchmark with local peers of global companies without having to lose 3 days for travel.
  • In-Person Roundtables:
    • Facilitated private discussions with peers, Fortune 100 senior sustainability leaders, and experts.
    • Quarterly*, in-person, 1/2-day symposiums typically hosted at local member companies. (*Milwaukee – other regions, may choose different frequency and time allotment)
    • Relevant Topics chosen by members and current issues of the day.
    • Executive Format: 1/3 Custom Topic; 1/3 Host Tour and/or discussion; 1/3 Open Forum
    • Learn first-hand what others are doing through host company tour and/or presentation.
  • Virtual Roundtables: Quick monthly checkins to provide continuity, resources, and create accountability.
  • Network of Roundtables – We are currently expanding into additional Wisconsin markets. Reciprocal guest privileges allowed, space permitting, and access to shared resources.
  • Member-Only Knowledge Repository: Website to share work products, tools, and resources


  • 2 seats + occasional guest at each roundtable event –  Membership is by company and provides two seats at the table for every company (Executive leadership team member AND sustainability/CSR professional). The roundtable is structured to provide maximum organizational benefit. For example, if the roundtable conversation is about finance (i.e. Sustainability and the CFO: Speaking the Language of Finance), your company’s CFO and sustainability professional should BOTH attend the roundtable. When addressing issues of internal/external communication, your VP of marketing communications should attend along with the organizations sustainability professional.
  • 4 quarterly* half-day roundtables with expert speakers of your choosing, peer-to-peer brainstorming and information exchanges, and quarterly goal setting with peer support. (*Milwaukee – other regions may choose different frequency and time allotments)
  • 6 check-in teleconference calls or Special Virtual Roundtables – On the months we don’t meet in person, short virtual meetings are held to keep the dialogue going, share resources, and check-in on progress on goals and projects. These meeting are intended to only be as long as they need to be.
  • Work Products: 
    • Comprehensive meeting resource & preparation guide for each session
    • Development of waste stream opportunities database in collaboration with several regional players.
    • Mentorship opportunities
    • Resource Repository of ideas, resources, and best practices and who’s done them.
    • Our partnership with WMEP (Wisconsin Manufactures Extension Partnership) gives you access not only to statewide support and resources, but they also bring financial integrity to the roundtable.
    • Potential for research and whitepapers
  • 1-2 semi-annual multiple roundtable/ resource fairs where we bring all of the roundtables together to engage with each other and with regional resources, NGOs, or experts of your choosing. This will occur when we have 3 regional roundtables taking place.