Why participate in the Sustainability Roundtables?

Our goal is to help companies build operational resilience.

  • Risk Identification and meeting them with pre-emptive strategies.
  • Talent Engagement – recognizing the long term supply chain strategy that talent is.
  • Innovation Leadership – leaner, smarter, creative, design strategy, transparency, collaboration
  • Leadership Development – building corporate operational resilience from top and bottom.

We do this through collaborative dialogue on precompetitive issues that affect all of our business and find ways to work together so we all benefit.

Why is Sustainability important to business?

Without sustainability as a core strategic mindset your company is already behind the curve.  Sustainability is about creating operational resilience through continuous improvement, impact assessment, strategy, and value creation.

Here are the eleven most common business reasons*:

  • To reduce costs
  • To preserve resources
  • To comply with legislation
  • To enhance reputation
  • To differentiate
  • To attract quality employees
  • To satisfy customer needs
  • To meet stakeholder expectations
  • to attract capital investments
  • To capitalize on new opportunities
  • To increase transparency

*eleven business cases borrowed from The Sustainable MBA: a business guide to sustainability by Giselle Weybrecht.